Monday, 7 May 2018

Learn About Complications Related to Laparoscopic Surgery

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery include a less invasive procedure and faster healing times, but there are times when complications could arise and cause serious effects to your health. Choosing a good laparoscopic surgeon in Goa can reduce your risk of complications, while ensuring a smooth and successful procedure that could improve your chances of getting treated for a certain health condition. The procedure may be needed if you are having problems with your reproductive health due to conditions like ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. Laparoscopy may be performed for treatment of a ruptured cyst, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, hysterectomy, and gynaecological cancers.

Also known as ‘keyhole surgery’, laparoscopy involves operating through three or four laparoscopic incisions rather than a large incision. The incisions are small, often the size of a pea, and they allow the laparoscopic surgeon in Goa to insert a camera and the specially designed surgical instruments to examine and grasp your internal organs. The camera projects the image into a video monitor, which the surgeon observes while performing the procedure.

Certain complications could occur during the insertion of the camera and during abdominal insufflation, hemostatis, and tissue dissection. A good laparoscopic surgeon in Goa is careful enough to make sure abdominal access injuries can be avoided. Some complications could occur after the procedure, including post-operative bladder infection, hematoma, skin irritations, damage to the abdominal cavity and bowels, vomiting and nausea, discomfort, and shoulder pain. 

Some complications or side effects could go away on their own, like the shoulder pain, discomfort, and nausea, but serious ones should be reported to the laparoscopic surgeon in Goa for immediate medical attention. When you choose the right surgeon, you can be sure that your recovery and comfort will be prioritised, and that the laparoscopy team will work hard in providing you the best healthcare. Make sure that the hospital is locally accredited and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Gynaecologists: Make a Habit of Seeing Them on the Yearly Basis

The debate between whether or not a woman needs to visit a gynaecologist every year has been ongoing ever since the release of new cervical cancer screening guidelines. Many are now wondering if they still have to make this as an annual health ritual. Gynaecologists in Margao, Goa say that the answer is yes. In fact, experts still recommend women who are sexually active or who are aged between 21 and above to see a gynaecologist every year.

If you are experiencing sudden irregularities in your period or changes in your vaginal area, a regular trip to a gynaecologist will be beneficial. Since gynaecologists specialize in women’s reproductive systems, they have extensive knowledge and experience in treating such conditions compared to a general physician. Gynaecologists can also be extremely helpful for women who are planning to conceive babies.

An annual trip to the gynaecologist can give you peace of mind as it ensures that any issues are properly addressed before they become bigger problems. Some tests that may be included in a yearly gynaecologist check-up include cervical cancer screening, clinical breast exams, bone mineral density screening, pelvic exams, and STI tests.

It’s essential to visit the gynaecologist every year to stay on the top of your health. You don't have to be sexually active to be concerned about your reproductive system or to undergo a gynaecological exam. Your visit to a gynaecologist could be the best time to discuss good sexual practices, menopause symptoms if you are at certain age, and even diet and exercise.

Gynaecological check-ups are sensitive by nature—and this is perhaps the main reason why many women haven't gone on their first gynaecological exam. Are you worried or scared? The best solution for this is to find a gynaecologist in Margao Goa that you feel comfortable with.

Top Free or Low-Cost IVF Treatment Programs that you Should Know About

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is about external fertilization of the human egg. In the procedure, eggs collected from the ovary of the woman are mixed with the sperm of a donor (man) outside the body, in a Petri dish. Once the fertilization takes place, the eggs are transferred to the woman’s uterus for a natural development. IVF helps men and women who have been facing fertility problems to get pregnant. The reasons could be many – low fertility, tubal infertility, diminished ovarian reserve, low potency sperms. Since the first IVF bay more than 30 years ago, the procedure has developed quite a lot. Today, thousands of parents are seeking IVF every year in Goa and the numbers are increasing every year.

It’s automatic to assume that IVF, being the complicated procedure that it is, would also be very expensive. However, it need not be so. There are a number of free and cost-effective IVF programs that are offered in Goa that you can be a part of.

Clinic with Shared IVF Cycles

Shared IVF programs are a process where two women go together through the first part of the IVF process. However, one of the women would donate some of her eggs in exchange for a reduced chance of external fertility, as determined by the clinic. This can save more than 50% of the cost. The only takeaway is the chances of zero eggs to freeze if the cycle doesn’t succeed.

IVF Research

Barrenness facilities, as in IVF Clinics regularly conduct fertilization trials and offer subsidies to participating parents. They will however ensure that you fit their purpose of research. There could be several examinations and there are chances to get rejected. Sometimes, the right candidates can even get free IVF treatment.

Shared donor egg cycle

In this case, two or three women would share the eggs from one person’s cycle and also the cost of the procedure. The women other than the donor would be able to get pregnant with the donor’s biological child.

Mini IVF

In this case, a drug/hormone regimen precedes the treatment. While less amount of drug is used for stimulation, low number but higher quality of eggs are produced. The rest of the same and it does cost down the cost a considerable amount.
If you have been looking for a low cost IVF in Goa, there are several clinics that can help. Check your options today.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Female Infertility Treatment - Hospitals That Help Patients to Cure Infertility Completely

Not being able to conceive can be devastating and can severely affect your health as well as your emotional wellbeing. The good news is that infertility treatment in Goa is available—and that newer technologies are emerging. There is a very large likelihood that your condition is treatable especially if you seek the help of fertility specialists who devote their lives to helping women and couples conceive. Make an appointment with a facility that offers infertility treatment in Goa to explore your options.

What causes infertility?

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, fertility begins to decrease in the mid-30s and will rapidly decline as a woman reaches 40 years old. Those who are overweight or extremely underweight can also become infertile. Smoking can likewise contribute to the condition. Other diseases that may cause infertility in women include pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome and uterine fibroids.

How do doctors treat infertility?

You will likely be asked to undergo a full check-up when you first visit a hospital that specializes in infertility treatment in Goa. Your doctor will find out what the main cause (or causes) of your condition might be, and then recommend the most suitable treatment modality. This may involve medication, surgery or a combination of both.

The good news is that infertility medication has come a long way. Prescription drugs for infertility are continuously improved to minimize side effects and maximise success. Should your doctor recommend surgery, you can take comfort in the fact that the latest technologies have made such procedures a lot less invasive. There is also a wide array of other treatment modalities that provide excellent results. The key is to seek specialists who work in (or have access to) hospitals and facilities that are known for delivering the highest quality infertility treatment in Goa.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Reason Behind Visiting Gynecologists on Yearly Basis

There is one saying that goes true for the reasons behind a yearly gynecologist visit – Prevention is better than cure. While it is true that many of us are apprehensive towards approaching a doctor when there are no visible signs of distress, it can cause a lot of difference to consult one as a precautionary measure. Consulting a gynecologist in Margoa, Goa can help deduct any problems, and resolve it before it can cause serious concern.

A visit to a gynecologist is usually associated with pregnancy or any problems with fertility. An obstetrician not only deals with our problems related to the reproductive system but can also check for symptoms such as development or presence of abnormal or cancerous cells. A pap smear test done by the gynecologist can deduct such issues instantly. The mammography performed by the gynecologists in Margoa, Goa can clear out any doubts regarding breast cancer .Having such routine check can prevent any severe complications later on.

Also, with such visits, one can ascertain the working of female reproductive system and plan a healthy pregnancy with a doctor's advice. Since the reproductive system works in coordination with all the other systems in the body, any sign of distress mentally or physically can harm its performance. The male reproductive system, for example, is mostly controlled by the brain, and any mental stress can reduce the production of semen or its quality, which can again affect a couple’s plan for pregnancy.

Hence, all this, and much more can be obtained through yearly visits to a fertility center or a gynecologist’s clinic. A healthy living, a happier future, and preventive treatments, all can happen by just spending a few productive hours in a clinic, thereby developing a lifetime of healthier habits.

Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy by Visiting an Infertility Specialist in Goa

If you and your spouse or partner are having difficulty getting pregnant, setting an appointment with an infertility specialist in Goa is the next best step. An infertility specialist performs tests and procedures to determine the possible causes that may be hampering conception. Both the husband and wife should ideally be tested.

You may be wondering—what can you expect when you see an infertility specialist in Goa? After an initial consultation, you may be asked to undergo blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound for women, and semen collection for men. Your health condition as a couple will also be examined because certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes may contribute to infertility.

After the tests, the infertility specialist will suggest possible treatments and solutions to increase your chances of pregnancy. One example of a possible solution is ovulation induction. This treatment is recommended for women who have difficulty producing eggs. Medication is given to the woman to initiate egg production. Developments are then monitored using a special ultrasound known as folliculometry.

Another treatment for infertility in addition to ovulation induction is intra uterine insemination. This involves introducing the sperm inside the uterus of the woman to increase chances of fertilization. This procedure allows more sperm to reach the egg and shortens the sperm travel time, which improves the chances of conception. In vitro fertilization is another treatment for infertility. Using this procedure, an egg is fertilized by a sperm in a laboratory. It is matured until it becomes an embryo and is then placed into the uterus of the woman.

If you are looking for an infertility specialist in Goa, go to a hospital that is best known for treating patients dealing with pregnancy, inability to conceive, and other gynecological conditions. The group of infertility specialists provided by the hospital can help you using up-to-date procedures and technological treatments.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

How to Find the Best IVF Centre for Treating Infertility?

IVF or in vitro fertilization provides hope for couples facing infertility. Women who have blockages or problems in their fallopian tubes can circumvent infertility with IVF. Men with low sperm counts or sperm motility issues can also benefit from IVF treatment, as it no longer requires the sperm to navigate the female reproductive tract by itself. It’s easy to see why IVF has become very popular recently. But to truly improve your chances of conceiving through IVF, you need to choose the right IVF centre in Goa to begin with. Here are some factors to look at when choosing fertility hospital or clinic.

1. Quality of air

IVF succeeds when performed in optimal conditions. Air pollutants and volatile organic compounds may hamper the procedure. This is why you need to choose an IVF centre in Goa that has the latest air handling units. Their laboratory air quality should meet the highest standards so that the environment is safe and conducive for the highly sensitive IVF procedures. The best Goa infertility clinics have positive air pressure labs and even incubator chambers with HEPA filtration to ensure proper humidity management, active circulation, and accurate temperature and CO2 sensors.

2. Complete facilities

It makes sense to have all your test and procedures done under one roof. Aside from the actual IVF, the best fertility hospitals in Goa also offer fertility counselling, reproductive diagnostic tests, surgeries for fertility enhancements, egg, embryo, and semen freezing, ovulation induction, and other related services.

3. Reasonable costs

While IVF is not cheap, it certainly doesn’t have to be too expensive and beyond reach. This is why the best IVF centre in Goa offers different packages to suit all budgets. Visit them to inquire about the financial side of the procedure ahead of time so you can prepare. Note that the price may depend on your unique individual circumstances. Be sure to ask exactly what is included when you ask for a quote for an IVF cycle. If you have health insurance, find out if you can use it. IVF itself may not be covered, but some diagnostic procedures might be.